Ascot Beer Festival - Festival Special Beers

The following never-seen-before Festival Special ales were available at the 2019 Ascot Racecourse Beer Festival.

Brewery Name Description

Kissingate logo

Ripple Raspberry Stout En Plus A rich, complex one-off festival special. Prominent dark roast malt flavours with hints of chocolate, raspberry and vanilla on the nose. 7.0% ABV.

Loddon logo

Wolf Quad A new Slovenian hop variety, expect big citrus and melon flavours, and a big hop aroma and smooth palate. 4.4% ABV.

Stardust logo

Nox Do you like your hops? This unfined pale packs the full range. 4 different aromatic and fruity American / New Zealand hops are used to give the full spectrum of hop flavour. 6.3% ABV.