Ascot Beer Festival - Festival Special Beers

The following ales were brewed especially for the 2017 Ascot Racecourse Beer Festival. Our 2018 festival specials will be here when we start ordering in September 2018.

Brewery Name Description

Longdog logo
Barrel-aged Gamekeeper's Nightmare A traditional London Porter brewed to an authentic 1850s recipe, maintaining the original 6.2% ABV strength. Beautiful, rich coffee and chocolate flavours, from black and brown malt are backed up by a robust bitterness. This Ascot Beer Festival Special version has been aged in the barrel at the brewery for 6 months making it a beer to savour and enjoy.

Thames Side logo
Thames Side
Dry-Hopped Wryneck Rye Typically spicy Rye IPA at 5.6% ABV, complemented perfectly by Cascade and Nugget hops in the boil, and dry hopped with Chinook for that classic US West Coast Rye IPA flavour. Despite massive hop additions they do not overpower the flavour, due to the spiciness of the rye and the strength of the beer which melds the flavours together beautifully. This Ascot Beer Festival Special edition is also extra dry hopped in the cask with Simcoe.

Wild Weather logo
Wild Weather
Little Hoarse A 3.4% ABV pale table beer. Progressive fruit flavours push though an impressive body for a low ABV beer. Designed for afternoon repeatability with lingering hops sat above gentle malt.