Ascot Beer Festival - Festival Special Beers

The following Festival Special ales have been especially brewed for the 2023 Ascot Racecourse CAMRA Beer Festival.

Brewery Name Description

Elusive logo
Elusive Brewing

Tic-Tac Tamarind A classic London Porter, with added tamarind paste which gives it sweet and smoky notes. 4.2% ABV.

Hedgedog logo

Goatie Totie The German Bockbier style recreated in cask. 6.0% ABV. A light brownish Goat-in-a-Cask pouring with a tan head and a fragrant aroma of malt tinged with a hint of fruitcake. Taste backs up the nose pretty closely with a refreshing malt and some raisin and prune flavours on the tongue. Slight hint of wood from the light grassy noble hops bill. Medium bodied and carbonated. Finishes with a lingering fresh malt and fruity taste.

Indigenous logo

Rein In Hops A citrusy pale ale, with notes of pineapple and passionfruit, big tropical fruit aroma. 3.4% ABV.

Outhouse logo
The Outhouse

The Hoof Express A smooth and easy drinking 5.2% ABV stout, with flowing flavours of coffee and dark chocolate. Served from KeyKeg.